Cleophas Mulwa

Cleophas Mulwa- Kalamba Secondary School, Kenya

For my mask, you can these black areas which represents my color. At home, I always travel using a bicycle, like exercising myself. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning, and I take my bike and go visit my friends. I live in Nairobi.

This color (yellow) represents my tribe from the Akamba. My father is Akamba, and my mother is Akamba, and they all originate from Kenya. Yeah, and I love singing, I like music, and I’m a Christian. I’m saved, I’m a born again. And you can see here; I drew a sun and a hill. And this is a river flowing here. Normally we go there swimming. We build some treehouse when build homes. I love dancing – I drew a person here trying to dance, but it didn’t come out how I wanted it to be.  I love apples, so drew some on my mask. And I also drew a musical symbol to show how I like music.