The thing I’ve drawn are some of my hobbies, and some about our cultural practices.  For example, I lived in Mombasa, where people like fishing, and so I drew water and boat. People of my home do fishing, that’s where people do their earning.   Here is a book, because I like to read and listen to music in my free time. I also have drawn the flag of Kenya.

This heart represents love; I love people. There is a flag of Jamaica because I love the musicians there, like reggae music.  Here is a pot and a drum – used in our traditional culture. The pot is used to store milk after milking cows, and also for transporting water.   The drum is mostly used in celebrations, such as harvest. Here is a mountain and a sun which is from our village. My grandparents used to go and worship in the mountains.  

There is a cartoon up here, this is my talent, drawing cartoons. This is Mickey Mouse. I’ve always love drawing cartoons.  I drew a basketball because I’ve always wanted to play - I love it.

I have spears on the mask to represent hunting antelope. Nowadays, it isn’t done that much because the forests are going, and there are not many antelope.  There is a black and a white side to my mask. The black represents our color, the white represents peace.

Dennis Wambua Matee

Kalamba Secondary School