Elisha Ndeto Kiio

And this I’ve drawn I can see that there is my mask. That is my grandpa and his seven brothers. You can see that when the river was formed, it started just diminishing, narrowing. So, these express our family war conflict due to my great grandpa’s land. We farmed about 15 acres, and the conflict was in differences on how to divide the land among them and after some time the conflict was resolved.

Afterwards, you can see I’ve just sketched these blue linings to just to show our family now. It has just grown larger, my brothers too so our family again will be growing and happy so they know I’ve been hopeful.

Here I’ve just put green, that’s to express most of the green in our country and two more around this just to express our economic activity of the Kamba’s, you know we are farmers. We are farmers, so we work on crops. This fire here, blazing, glowing one? It could just tell my story that I witnessed one of our land during that family conflicts, our land being burned by my uncle.

I’m a reggae fan. That’s why I’ve drawn about music. As you can see here on my eyes, I have tears. It’s just to express that even now, life is not smooth. So, we have to go about valleys and try mountains so that we can see anything that you want so that you can be successful. That’s why I’ve just drawn this, so that’s life is not smooth even now.

On my nose here, I have just white, I have just painted it white and the love circle just to show that I love beef. As you can see the, I have drawn bows and arrows, that’s my child’s culture, my community. They were just hunter, and they use these arrows and bows to hunt. As you can see, at this right here at the uppermost forehead of my mask, I have just colored white to express I’ll be a successful man thereafter in future.

And you can see I’ve drawn here an airplane. You know I’m aiming to be an aeronaut, going to be dealing with this airplane. So this is just drawn these there’s so that I’ll achieve my goal of being in aeronautic engineering. And here you can just see flowers I’ve just drawn flowers. That’s to express my future will be successful, full of happy and these here afterwards these, how do you call them, American football you know in our country we call it rugby, you know our form of feet and I’m a player too.

Elisha Ndeto Kiio

Kalamba Secondary School