Felister Daniel

This F is to represent my name, Felister. I've drawn a ball to show that I love netball and football. The
symbols also show that I love music; I have drawn a tree because I love trees, and a microphone because
I'd like to be a journalist. I am good in languages. I also speak Kiswahili and my mother tongue of Akamba. I'd like to learn Spanish and French, as well. I have the Kenyan flag on my mask; the white area in the middle of the masks represents peace in my country. The purple color is for my grandfather – he died and was buried near a tree that bears purple flowers. The beads represent beauty, and the star is for the stars that shine at nighttime. The box above the purple shows the crops (maize, sorghum, beans) that grow in our country. We also have goats and other animals. I live along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway. We are five in our family – me, my sister and brother, and my parents. I am the oldest and take care of my siblings, and the cross in the middle of the mask is because I am showing my religion. The beads on either side are because I like

I would like to travel to American and to Jamaica, because I love the reggae music. I love to play the
piano, as well. I like conserving trees to attract rain and to make the environment beautiful.

I'd like to sharpen the language of the Kenyans – have more speak English and Kiswahili, rather than
only mother tongues. I'd like to change the policy of polygamy and also of early marriage and male

I'd like to tell the students in New York: to be humble and encourage peace in their country. Here, we take 13 subjects in school.

Felister Daniel
Kalamba Secondary School