Gabriel Mbeng

Gabriel Mbeng - Kalamba Secondary School, Kenya

My name is Gabriel, I’m from Kalamba Secondary School. I’m in farming.  On one side I’ve drawn our Kenyan flag that is black, white, it’s green, red. And on this other side, you can see that there is your flag, the USA. So, I’ve drawn these to symbolize that I’m from Kenya and to recognize you from USA. At the same time, the graduation cap to mean that you want to converse with these people, you have to be educated. All these about these plants to symbolize that in Kenya we are concentrating more in farming. On the other side, there is the laptop computer, to mean that you are concentrating more in technology.

On the one side you can see the red color and some groups of tears. These symbolize the struggle I bring in my life. I put them because first me I wanted to signify that I’m struggling to make my objectives. First, I do not stay in my home; I stay in others somebody’s home only to get by. So, it made me to put this picture here. You can see that the sword that I’m yellow color to symbolize that we are certain of success.

On the other side also you can see that there’s something that like looks like a cap and also something across. This is to signify my religion. I’m from the Catholic Church. You can see this, there’s cup of the blood and this for the bread. On the other side, you can see that there is sun here which is in yellow color to symbolize that my life is – I am optimistic. My life is full of ups, yes. On the other side, you can see they have mountains to symbolize that in Kenya we have mountains; also in USA you have mountains. Yes, that’s all about my mask. As you can see for bits, red, white, yellow and this blue –

Green, yes. This is to symbolize that I am an animator. I’m a Sunday, school teacher. So, I wanted to recognize my children who are teaching in the church. That is the red meaning that they are dream everything to collect, yes, or to help others. The white color means that we have objectives to obtain peace in our country. The yellow color it’s for successful. And then this one is just for our environment. That’s all about our mask.

And without forgetting this one, this is my favorite subject. I wanted to introduce it in your home side from USA, that is I think it’s dollar.