My mask represents a tree – specifically an Elm tree, located at the house where I grew up in Cambridge.  There used to many of these trees all along the street, but a disease came along that killed almost all of them, except for the one in my yard.  It feels special, and also reminds me where I’m from. We often move around a lot in America- our families don’t have the same connection to the land anymore, so it’s not as usual to have continuity with families.  I’m the third generation of my family to live in the house, which feels different from many Americans. Even though I’ve traveled and lived in many places in America, this place represents something close to my heart. Where I’m from, we have yards.  Most people don’t grow crops, as in Kenya, but we plant gardens with flowers and things. The elm tree in my yard is over 200 years old. The roots are shown at the bottom of the mask – represents not only how old it is, but that it has laid roots/connections to a place. Like a touchstone – something you can think of or go back to and it represents a feeling of where you’re from or safety.  

Clementine Knight

Einstein MSII