Margaret Klavinya

Margaret Klavinya - Kalamba Secondary School, Kenya

My name is Margaret; I’m from Kalamba Secondary school of Mount Kenya. This is my mask. As you can see, my mask has different colors; it has different pictures. And for example, I can begin with the picture here. This a drum, the traditional drum which is used to play during traditional gathering from the common community.

And also this is a flower which I always loved because I love the people of Kenya as I’m a Kenyan. And also, I’m ready to fight to prevent the people of Kenya through securing them. Also, this a book, I have drawn a book because I’m a student and I like reading books. I want to go to reading more and more about Kenya and about our countries. This is the third season for one of the class which likes planting trees.

Yeah, that is the community, the common community, and we have different clans, and we are from one of the clans, we like planting trees because trees help us in catching rain during the dry season.
This is our base plants because where I come from – it’s also a family and community which like more about farming, planting, crops. It’s important because it’s the most food consumed by the Akamba community. This is the flag of Kenya. It has very different colors. It has the black color which represents the people because we are black in color. The white color, it represents peace. The green color, it represents the vegetation. And also the red color shows that our country fought. There were others who fought for independence in Kenya. Also, can you see my mask, I have painted many things? A bowl or a plate containing the staple food for the Akamba community, it is maize and beans. This is city. I have a passion of becoming a doctor also.

This is the signs of music. I like listening to the gospel music since I’m a Christian. I’m learning; I’m from a village which is very Christian. We love God; we love the priest. He has a home which is used by my community to cultivate because we are farmers. And this just a bow and arrow which was used by the fighters who are fighting for independence of Kenya.

This is my special game. The game I like. I know some people from your country also play, I play it, I like it so much because it’s my hobby, my hobby game. This is a sign of a church because I’m a Christian, I like going to church, I like reading the Bible, preaching the Gospel. This color, I have drawn it here to represent the blood that was shed by those who we are fighting for independence.
I have just lipstick on my lips because I have a true passion and my second passion is here, becoming a journalist, and I have drawn a picture of a television. And as you know, when doing that you must be very smart. I have added the necklace so that I look attractive. Thank you, I’m done with my mask.