Vol. LXVI No.9 Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus March 31,1995

Light Boxes Illuminates the BC

By Annika Butardo


"Images of Wildlife" an African wildlife exhibit, is currently being displayed, in the Windows of Flatbush, until April 30, located on the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb Ave.

The BC is the first university to display artist Mark Scheflen's unique exhibit.

Scheflen's interest in Africa developed from his childhood experiences while living on a farm. He watched documentaries, movies and read novels. He was always fascinated by tribes and the wildlife.

He began traveling to Africa in 1985. While there, the experiences he encountered made an enormous impact on his life. The impact was so great that when he returned to United states he made many changes in his life style.

In 1986 he quit his contracting business and started carpentry and design commissions, as well as enrolling in at degree program at SUNY.

At SUNY, he pursued independent studies in anthropology and sociology and specialized in areas of East and Central Africa.

In 1991, he focused more on photography and began to shoot wildlife and landscapes in East, Central, and South Africa. He stumbled across the idea to light up his pictures in the boxes when he was on his way back from Kenya, Africa.

"...I had missed my plane and had to stay in the airport in Nairoby Kenya," Scheflen said. "While I was at the airport I came across these light boxes, so since I was fascinated with animals I got the idea to put my art work in these light boxes."

From these photographs, he started to design light boxes with the pictures that he shot.

"I designed them for installations in poorly lit spaces of public spaces," Scheflen said.

Scheflen's next exhibit, "Let the Children Sing," will be displayed at Manhattan's St. Church in-the-Bowery, 131 east 10th St. The exhibit will be on display from April 30 through July 30, 1995

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